Aneta Martišková

Member of the Management Board of Edenred (Czech Republic)

Aneta Martišková is the HR Personality of the Year 2019 and is one of the Prominent Women of Czech Law 2017. In Edenred Czech Republic, a leading provider of employee benefits, she holds the position of Director of External Relations and Sustainability. She has previously held senior positions in human resources management, external relations and law. She covered these areas during her nearly a decade of experience working for employers in the FMCG and commodity markets, financial services and energy.




25 May

Jiří Horecký, President, Union of Employers' Associations of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Karel Trpkoš, Deputy for Management 1. Section of Information Technology, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Czech Republic)

Aneta Martišková, Member of the Management Board of Edenred (Czech Republic)

Miloslav Vrána, Personnel Deputy, Fakultní nemocnice Bulovka (Czech Republic)


Irena Krcháková, Editor, Czech Television (Czech Republic)

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