Barbora Pšenicová

Director, Nevypusť duši (Czech Republic)

Barbora Pšenicová was born in Cheb and spent 23 years of her life in Stříbro, Mariánské Lázně and Plzeň, where she lived, studied at a grammar school and then social and cultural anthropology. During her student years, her career started to move towards the non-profit sector, she participated in research activities and was an editor of a university magazine. She completed her Master's degree at the Faculty of Humanities in Prague, where she subsequently moved and where she currently lives and raises her two offspring. During her student years, she gradually began working for the non-profit sector and social services in many positions. She has researched pathological phenomena in youth, developed a new form of low-threshold facilities for children and young people, and implemented pilot training for women in the sex industry. She provided professional support to multidisciplinary teams in schools piloting the iKAP II project. She has collaborated with Rozkoš bez Rizika, Proxima Sociale, LaStrada Czech Republic, House of Three Wishes, ImpactHub and many others. She is particularly interested in service and human rights innovation and admires theories of system design. She is the director of the non-profit organization Don't Let Go of the Soul and has her own private therapy practice.




24 May 2023

Barbora Pšenicová, Director, Nevypusť Duši, z. s. (Czech Republic)


Marek Adler, Headmaster, Be Open Primary School (Czech Republic)

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