Bohumil Kartous

Director, Prague Innovation Institute (Czech Republic)

Bohumil Kartous is a professional provocateur of public debate. Is he the author of a non-fiction book called No Future: Are We Taking Kids on a Steam Engine into Virtual Reality? (2019). He also co-authored the successful book 2036 (2016), the Orwell steroid interview (2020), and at the beginning of 2022 another book with his essay entitled Behind the Mirror: Hybrid War as an Old-New Phenomenon of International Relations was published. Since July 2020 he has been the director of the Prague Innovation Institute. In his former work, the EDUin think tank, he created the concept of the Audit of the Education System in the Czech Republic. He worked with the Aspen Institute Central Europe to prepare the Aspen Annual conference. He is a co-founder of the expert civic platform KoroNERV-20. He publishes on education and the issue of disinformation in a number of Czech media, regularly commenting on events taking place in education for the Czech media.

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Moderator Agenda




May 13

Karel Kovář – Deputy Member of the Government (Czech Republic)

Gunilla Svantorp – Member of the Swedish Parliament, Chairperson of the Committee on Education (Sweden)

Juho Helminen – Education Advisor, Finnish National Agency for Education (Finland)

Tiia Rüütmann – Professor, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)


Bob Kartous – Executive Director, Prague Institute of Innovation (Czech Republic)




13. 5. 2022

Ivo Vondrák, Governor, Moravian-Silesian Region, Member of Parliament, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Minna Kelhä, Director-General, Finnish National Agency for Education (Finland)

Vojtěch Petráček, Rector, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Barbora Bühnová, Co-founder of Czechitas, Vice-Dean, Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Petr Jonák, Member of the Board of Directors, Confederation of Industry and Transport (Czech Republic)


Bohumil Kartous, Director, Prague Innovation Institute (Czech Republic)

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