Francesco Cappelletti

Research Fellow, European Liberal Forum (Italy)

Francesco Cappelletti works as Policy and Research Officer at the European Liberal Forum. Francesco is currently a PhD candidate in Cybersecurity Law at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He holds a MA in International Relations from the University of Florence and MA in World Politics from MGIMO (Moscow). He is a member of the ‘Center for Cybersecurity’ in Florence.




25 May

Kimberly Kagan, Founder and President, Institute for the Study of War (USA)

Petr Šnajdárek, Director of the Communications and Information Systems Section of the Ministry of Defence, Army of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Margarita Konaev, Deputy Director for Analysis, Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Tech (USA)

Vojtěch Bahenský, Researcher, Department of Security Studies, Charles University (Czech Republic)

Francesco Cappelletti, Senior Policy & Research Officer, European Liberal Forum (Italy)


Boris Kaliský, Director of Operations, Prague Security Studies Institute (Slovakia)

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