Helena Horská

Chief Economist, Raiffeisenbank (Czech Republic)

Helena Horská is currently the Chief Economist of Raiffeisenbank a.s. and a member of the Supervisory Board of Raiffeisenbank a.s. She is also an independent member of the advisory team of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala and the National Economic Council of the Government. She was also appointed a member of the advisory body to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs dealing with pension reform. She occasionally lectures at universities. She is a recognised expert on monetary policy. She is the author of numerous academic publications, including articles on inflation targeting published during her postgraduate studies at the Kiel Institute for World Economics. She received her PhD from the University of Economics in Prague. During her studies she received several awards including the title of "Young Economist of the Year 2001". Her presentations and speeches are dynamic and engaging. Her motto is: luck favours the prepared. She is married and has two children. Hobbies: non-fiction, cycling, golf, tourism, children




24 May 2023

Veronika Pribáň Žolnerčíková, Research Fellow, Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

Vladimir Mařík, Director, Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, CTU (Czech Republic)

Ondřej Šteffl, Founder and Director, Scio (Czech Republic)

Helena Horská, Chief Economist, Raiffeisenbank (Czech Republic)


Karel Havlíček, Vice-Chairman, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)




24 May 2023

Helena Horská, Chief Economist, Raiffeisenbank (Czech Republic)

Michal Šmíd, CEO, Amazon (Czech Republic)

Megi Mejdrechová, Co-founder and CTO, RoboTwin (Czech Republic)

Jan Vetiška, Head of the Department of Robotics and Robots, Institute of Manufacturing Machines, Systems and Robotics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VÚT Brno (Czech Republic)

Ladislav Maixner, Chairman, Czech-Moravian Society for Automation (Czech Republic)


Vojtěch Kristen, Editor, (Czech Republic)

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