Henrik Ibsen

Managing Director, OTH.IO (Denmark)

Henrik Ibsen has a background in building up the healthcare IT infrastructure in Denmark for 10 years, thus being part of the complete digitalization of Denmark. From 2015, Henrik has spent his time successfully building and deploying an ecosystem for virtual care and remote patient monitoring. During all his activities, Henrik has been extremely focused on building sustainable and open platforms that empower all actors to participate in the development of future systems in healthcare, as to create ecosystems that are viable and preclude dependencies on specific vendors or technologies.




25 May

Henrik Ibsen, Managing Director, OTH.IO (Denmark)

Martin Zeman, Director of IT and Computerization of Health, Ministry of Health (Czech Republic)

Jürgen Brandstätter, Vice-Chairman, IHE-Europe (Austria)

Barbora Dubanská, Digital health expert, member of the think tank "Minister of Health" (Czech Republic)

Jakub Pětioký, Czech Association of Robotics, Telemedicine and Cybernetics (Czech Republic)


Tomáš Doležal, Director, Institute for Health Economics (Czech Republic)

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