Irena Krcháková

Editor, Czech Television (Czech Republic)

Irena Krcháková started her professional career in a radio station, then moved to Czech Television. She managed to combine her personal interest in events on the domestic political scene and abroad with her work in the newsroom. She has worked there for almost six years. She has experience in creating content for ČT24 news, both behind the desk and in the field. During her time at the broadcaster, she was also part of the culture desk, where she focused on classical music. After graduating with a degree in Media Studies with an emphasis in Semiotics and Communication Theory, she further developed her knowledge in the field of interdisciplinary historical sociology at FHS UK.

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25 May

Jiří Horecký, President, Union of Employers' Associations of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Karel Trpkoš, Deputy for Management 1. Section of Information Technology, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Czech Republic)

Aneta Martišková, Member of the Management Board of Edenred (Czech Republic)

Miloslav Vrána, Personnel Deputy, Fakultní nemocnice Bulovka (Czech Republic)


Irena Krcháková, Editor, Czech Television (Czech Republic)

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