Jan Blažek

Chairman of the Board, Bankovní identita, a.s. (Czech Republic)

Jan Blažek has been involved in technology and digital projects throughout his career. He gained experience at Accenture and ČSOB and participated in the preparation of the largest digital project in the Czech banking market, Bankovní Identity. Since 2001, he has been the chairman of the board of Bankovní Identity, a.s., a company that connects companies and institutions with banks and enables bank customers to have online access to the services of companies and government.




24 May 2023

Ivan Bartoš, Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalisation; Minister for Regional Development, Government of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Karel Havlíček, Vice-President, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Vladimír Dlouhý, President, Czech Chamber of Commerce (Czech Republic)

Jan Blažek, Chairman of the Board, Bankovní identita, a.s. (Czech Republic)

Simona Kijonková, Founder and CEO, Packeta Group (Czech Republic)


Markéta Přenosilová, Chairman of the Board, Europe Startup Nations Alliance (Czech Republic)

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