Jürgen Brandstätter

Vice-President, IHE-Europe (Austria)

Jürgen Brandstätter is an expert and passionate advocate of "standards-based interoperability" in the field of healthcare IT. He is active in several standards organisations at national and international level, in particular in the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative, and serves as a board member of IHE International, as vice-chair of IHE Europe and on several other committees. In these roles, he promotes standards-based interoperability for healthcare exchanges in Europe and internationally. Jürgen is part of the leadership of the joint IHE and HL7 initiative within FHIR (Gemini project) and has been involved in many eHealth consulting projects in Europe. He has also been involved in several international projects in this area - at the Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, WHO, EU Commission (epSOS, X-eHealth, XpanDH) and is an active member of the European eHealth DSI community in the development of specifications for cross-border healthcare in Europe and beyond. On behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, he represents Austria in the Global Partnership for Digital Health.




25 May

Henrik Ibsen, Managing Director, OTH.IO (Denmark)

Martin Zeman, Director of IT and Computerization of Health, Ministry of Health (Czech Republic)

Jürgen Brandstätter, Vice-Chairman, IHE-Europe (Austria)

Barbora Dubanská, Digital health expert, member of the think tank "Minister of Health" (Czech Republic)

Jakub Pětioký, Czech Association of Robotics, Telemedicine and Cybernetics (Czech Republic)


Tomáš Doležal, Director, Institute for Health Economics (Czech Republic)

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