Martin Polaschek

Minister, Austrian Ministry of Education (Austria)

Martin Polaschek was born in Bruck/Mur in 1965. After studying law, he was awarded the title of Professor for Austrian and European legal developments, contemporary legal history and federalism research in 2000 and was promoted to associate university professor. From 2003 to 2019, he was Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching and from October 2019 to December 2021 Rector of the University of Graz. In addition, Polaschekwas spokesman for the Austrian Vice Rectors for Teaching. Martin Polaschek conducted research with a focus on the areas of post-war justice, university law and municipal research. On December 6, 2021, Polaschek was sworn in as Minister of Education, Science and Research. Polaschek is married and a father of a family.




25 May 2023

Martin Polaschek, Minister of Education, Government of Austria (Austria)

Jana Berkovcová, Deputy, Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Tereza Vaňková, Executive Director, ReactGirls (Czech Republic)

Martin Úlovec, Commissioner for Digitalisation and Digital Education, Ministry of Education (Czech Republic)

Bartłomiej E. Nowak, President, Vistula Group Universities (Poland)


Ted Urho, Executive Manager, Agenda (Finland)

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