Martin Zeman

Director of IT and Computerization of Health, Ministry of Health (Czech Republic)

Martin Zeman studied technical cybernetics - medical biocybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague and received a postgraduate diploma in strategic management at The Nottingham Trent University. He publishes in the field of management and informatics in healthcare. Currently, he works at the Ministry of Health as the Director of the DEPARTMENT OF IT and Computerization of Health, which includes the National Centre for eHealth. He worked as the CIO of Krajská zdravotní a.s., the largest provider of inpatient care in the Czech Republic. He is the chairman of the Czech Society of Medical Informatics and Scientific Information of the Czech Medical Association. Martin was responsible for the nationwide strategy and implementation of digital health care in the Czech Republic, he is one of the authors of the National eHealth Strategy and the National Health Strategy 2030..




25 May

Henrik Ibsen, Managing Director, OTH.IO (Denmark)

Martin Zeman, Director of IT and Computerization of Health, Ministry of Health (Czech Republic)

Jürgen Brandstätter, Vice-Chairman, IHE-Europe (Austria)

Barbora Dubanská, Digital health expert, member of the think tank "Minister of Health" (Czech Republic)

Jakub Pětioký, Czech Association of Robotics, Telemedicine and Cybernetics (Czech Republic)


Tomáš Doležal, Director, Institute for Health Economics (Czech Republic)

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