Sara Polak

Artificial Intelligence Archaeologist, Paioneers (Czech Republic)

Sara is a Czech who studied archaeology and anthropology at Oxford with a doctorate in human cognition and music. For the past six years, she has worked in hi-tech companies in the UK, USA and New Zealand. He is the leader of the Czech initiative in the field of artificial intelligence under the The initiative seeks to connect industry, academics, the state and start-ups, use the talents that the Czech Republic has in the field of AI and make Prague a world center of AI. The focus is on Neuron soundware – a company that specializes in predictive maintenance and revolutionizes manufacturing. This is achieved by detecting the audio signal, which indicates whether the machine is broken. Sara's passion is to help institutions and individuals navigate the next chapter of social development dominated by artificial intelligence. It will cause a breakthrough in the way our agriculture, state, society and community operate. This is exactly what Sara is currently trying to achieve while working at Startup Disrupt and as the founder of Disrupt House. He wants to help society adopt the latest innovations.

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13. 5. 2022

Karel Řehka, Director, National Cyber and Information Security Agency (Czech Republic)

Jeff BullwinkelAssociate General Counsel and Regional Director of Corporate, Legal & External Affairs, Microsoft Europe (USA)


Sara Polak, Artificial Intelligence Archaeologist, Paioneers (Czech Republic)




12. 5. 2022

Zdeněk Zajíček, Vice-President, Czech Chamber of Commerce (Czech Republic)


Sara Polak, Artificial Intelligence Archaeologist, Paioneers (Czech Republic)

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