Ted Urho

Executive Manager, Agenda (Finland)

Ted Urho is the executive manager of the liberal think tank Agenda, based in Finland. Before joining the think tank, he worked as a producer, journalist and reporter at the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE for ten years. He has also worked as a teacher and educator in both Finland and abroad.  Ted Urho holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

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Moderator Agenda




25 May 2023

Martin Polaschek, Minister of Education, Government of Austria (Austria)

Jana Berkovcová, Deputy, Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Tereza Vaňková, Executive Director, ReactGirls (Czech Republic)

Martin Úlovec, Commissioner for Digitalisation and Digital Education, Ministry of Education (Czech Republic)

Bartłomiej E. Nowak, President, Vistula Group Universities (Poland)


Ted Urho, Executive Manager, Agenda (Finland)

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