Tereza Bartonickova

Scientist and Founder, Internet Institute (Czech Republic)

Tereza is our president in terms of macro and mikra. She founded the Internet Institute in 2018 and although she may boast the title of president, she certainly does not catch the mannerisms of the nobility. Tereza started her studies with marketing and PR at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University and then headed to the Oxford Internet Institute, where she obtained an MSc. in Social Science of the Internet. Its expertise lies in the ethical-legal impacts of AI and technology regulation. In this area, he is currently working on his PhD. at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. Tereza gained work experience through smaller companies and freelancing, but also with giants such as Google.




13. 5. 2022

Timmy Dooley, Senator, Vice-President-designate of ALDE (Ireland)

Michael O'Flaherty, Director, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (Ireland)

František Vrábel, Founder and Director, Semantic Visions (Czech Republic)

Tereza Bartoníčková, Scientist and Founder of the Internet Institute (Czech Republic)

Marcus Ryder, Journalist and Lecturer, Birmingham City University (UK)


Roman Máca, Analyst, Institute for Politics and Society (Czech Republic)

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