Veronika Oudova

Ambassador, European Innovation Council (Czech Republic)

Veronika completed her Master's degree in International Business in Prague and her Master's degree in International Management within the CEMS program in Prague, Vienna and Rotterdam. As co-founder and CEO of S-Biomedic, Veronika brings many years of experience in forward-looking marketing consulting, business analysis and quality management to her role at S-Biomedic. Under Veronica's leadership, S-Biomedic has attracted the attention of several major investors and grant programs, such as the EU's Horizon 2020 program. In April 2019, Veronika was named one of the "10 Best Young European Biotechnology Entrepreneurs in 2019" by In 2021, Veronika was appointed EIC Ambassador.




13. 5. 2022

Tanel Kiik, Minister of Health and Labour, Government of the Republic of Estonia (Estonia)

Morten Elbæk Petersen, Director, (Denmark)

Martin Zeman, Director of IT and Computerization of Health, Ministry of Health (Czech Republic)

Veronika Oudová, Ambassador, European Innovation Council (Czech Republic)

Jiří Pecina, 1st Vice-Chairman, Alliance for Telemedicine, Digitization of Health and Social Services (Czech Republic)


Tomáš Doležal, Director, Institute for Health Economics, co-founder, Medevio (Czech Republic)

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