Zdeněk Zajíček

Vice-President, Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Zdeněk Zajíček, a graduate of the Prague Law School and an imaginative innovator, is above all one of key figures of digitalisation in the Czech republic. The wider public is particularly familiar with him as a pioneer of the digitalisation of government - he has had a number of successful projects during his 30-year career. He and his team invented the CzechPOINT system, Data boxes and system of Basic registers. After that he was in charge of ICT as a deputy in a number of ministries. Since 2016 he has been in charge of the ICT Union (dealing with implementation of modern information technologies into both business and government) and since autumn 2020 he has been a Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce. From this position he managed to prepare and win the support of MPs across the political spectrum for the Digital Right Act, referred by the professional public as “digital constitution”, as well as for the Banking Identity Act which provides easier access to the Citizen’s Portal for anyone who uses online banking.




12. 5. 2022

Zdeněk Zajíček, Vice-President, Czech Chamber of Commerce (Czech Republic)


Sara Polak, Artificial Intelligence Archaeologist, Paioneers (Czech Republic)

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