The Future of Education in 2038

25 May 2023

In 2038, children born this year will complete their compulsory schooling. It is very likely that the world we know today will be a very different place. But digitalisation is already bringing entirely new possibilities to education that were unimaginable just a few years ago. With access to the internet and computers, students and teachers can use a wide range of tools to develop the thinking of children, pupils, and students. Online learning programmes, virtual classrooms, and interactive learning materials make education fun. For example, many children and teenagers use YouTube to deepen their knowledge in areas close to their heart. In view of the ongoing economic transformation, the state should promote e-learning platforms, intergenerational programmes, retraining courses, and e-public services with an emphasis on awareness-raising.

What skills will we need in 2038? How will education change in that time? And will we learn via the internet and only discuss problematic material with lecturers?

Are you ready?

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