The Digital Age of Education

13. 5. 2022

Few areas have experienced such a "revolution" since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic as education. The pandemic has revealed a number of challenges to education and training systems related to institutions' digital capacities, teacher education, and overall levels of digital skills and competences.

The European Union has therefore renewed a policy initiative to promote a sustainable and effective adaptation of Member States' education and training systems to the digital age – the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027). It is a long-term strategic vision for high-quality, inclusive, and accessible European digital education.  

The Digital Education Plan builds on the challenges and opportunities of the coronavirus pandemic and seeks closer cooperation between the European Union in the field of digital education. Promoting the digitalisation of teaching methods and pedagogy, together with providing the infrastructure needed for effective distance learning, aims to improve the quality and quantity of distance learning. 

Which states have best adapted to forced changes in teaching and in what way? Conversely, which ones had a problem with distance learning? What is the potential of remote learning? How will the Digital Education Action Plan affect education in the Czech Republic? Will the digitization of the education system affect the students themselves? What is the future of education in the EU?

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