EHealth: a Panacea or a Good Helper?

25 May

eHealth is currently regarded as a revolutionary but controversial topic in the healthcare sector. There is no dispute that it brings many benefits. Among the most important ones are easier access for patients to information about their health and treatment, fast and efficient sharing of patient information between doctors and, last but not least, a reduction in healthcare costs. However, eHealth is also linked to a number of issues such as security and privacy. It is essential to ensure that patient data is adequately protected. Lack of standardisation is also an issue, which can lead to differences in the services provided. Finally, the barrier of (in)accessibility must be mentioned. Not all patients have access to the technologies that are essential for eHealth. Despite these facts, there is no dispute that eHealth has enormous potential, which is gradually developing.

How is the Czech Republic doing in this respect? Will we see a significant expansion of eHealth? And what are the obstacles to this?

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