Panel 1: The Crisis as an Opportunity for Development of eHealth

May 13th

Every crisis is an opportunity for positive change, and this statement is no truer than when applied to the field of healthcare. Artificial intelligence offers immense potential for significant improvements in the current Czech healthcare system, as is evident by the application of various emergent technologies. Such advancements include machine learning models which are already making doctors significantly more effective by performing diagnostics and making suggestions for subsequent medical treatment.

The Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on Czech healthcare has presented a unique opportunity to transform the current system into a form that better corresponds to the modern digital age. Paradoxically, society can come out strengthened by the current situation, but we must not forget the “common routine problems” which until recently were at the forefront of the general public’s interest.

Digitalization remains a major challenge of the healthcare system, but this process has the potential to become the biggest technological leap in recent years. The most basic unit in this regard is health data, and it is growing at an exponential rate. The ease of exchange, sharing, analysis and access to health data will determine whether the Czech healthcare system will really evolve into the 21st century. In addition to reducing the burden of administration, increasing the safety of health services, and increasing the quality of healthcare, the main benefit of digitalization will be the strengthening of patients’ awareness and their active involvement in their own personal health care.

What is the benefit of digitizing healthcare for the patient, doctor or provider? Where will digitization lead up to? To what extent have modern technologies helped us in the fight against coronavirus? And how can data in the Czech healthcare system be used effectively in order to prevent their misuse?

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