Smart eMobility for the 21st Century

12. 5. 2022

Not only fast and reliable, but also smart, environmentally friendly, affordable or multimodal. This is only a fraction of the attributes that are increasingly associated with modern transport of the 21st century. In short, transport is increasingly demanded from all directions. 

The European Union has set itself an ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60% in 2050 compared to 1990 levels. In this context, the Czech Republic faces a number of challenges. It wants to achieve this goal by promoting electromobility, shifting freight transport from roads to railways and waterways, building a motorway and high-speed rail network.

Digitalisation is one of the tools to achieve this. From the digitization agenda, the Ministry of Transport has already managed to introduce projects such as a single ticket, an electronic vignette, a new electronic toll system, the status of the point account on the Citizen's Portal, the mileage online, a digitized photo when applying for a driver's license, a drone register or registration for tests of safety advisors for the transport of dangerous substances and things.

What other digital projects in the field of transport is the state preparing? Is the Czech Republic ready for electromobility? Will we see a more pronounced use of hydrogen propulsion? When will the motorway network and high-speed rail be fully completed? And when will we finally see real "smart cities"?

Are you ready?

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