eCommerce, Where is it Going and What is it Building? (INVITED ONLY)

13. 5. 2022

The numbers speak clearly, the Czech Republic is one of the great powers in the field of eCommerce. For example, in per capita terms, we boast one of the highest number of e-shops in Europe. In addition, the number is growing year by year, as well as the turnover of the entire segment. Czech "flagships", such as the online supermarket, the search engine for cheap tickets, the online store or delivery services Zá have been operating far beyond the Czech border for a long time and there is no indication that the Czech expansion is approaching its peak.

The field of eCommerce is very specific. It is a highly competitive and dynamically evolving environment. Customers are placing higher demands on the quality of deliveries, reliability of services, shorter delivery times, and greater flexibility of carriers. Continuous improvement in these areas is a permanent challenge for every company. And in the Coronavirus era, this was amplified. It's neither news nor a surprise that Covid's actions have ultimately driven eCommerce to faster growth and record results.

Where is Czech eCommerce going and what is it building towards? What changes can we expect in the coming years? What are the challenges it faces and, conversely, what are its biggest advantages? How does the Czech Republic compare to other European countries? What hinders young entrepreneurs from developing their projects? How can the EU support the development of startups?

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