25 May



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The absence of women in the technical and ICT fields should merit our attention for several fundamental reasons. The absence of women in these sectors and fields of study is closely related to societal perceptions of gender roles in society and can thus be considered as one of the indicators of the degree of gender equality in society. Promoting women in these fields and removing the barriers they face should thus be considered a task for any democratic society. Women currently represent untapped potential in the technical and ICT fields. The technical and ICT fields play a key role in the development of economic growth. Ignoring the potential of women can thus become a hindrance to our country's competitiveness on a global scale. The involvement of women in these fields also brings with it a diversity of possible approaches and experiences. Women face different challenges in their lives than men, and their perspectives may differ.

What challenges do women face in the technical and IT fields? Why is there currently a low representation of women in these fields? And what do we need to do to change the situation?

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