Tomorrow's Life and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

24 May 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone an admirable evolution in recent years. What was unimaginable just a few years ago is now a reality. AI can use data to predict election results, write meaningful texts, or paint pictures. AI is already having a significant impact on all of our lives without us even realising it. From work, to checking our health, to the way we communicate and handle information, the possibilities for using AI are almost limitless. In this context, however, it is important to remember that there are many issues associated with the use of AI. The Czech Presidency has also sent out some signals, when it succeeded in enforcing the first ever European rules in this area. AI will have to respect fundamental human rights and European values such as trustworthiness, the right to privacy, transparency and non-discrimination.

But are such rules sufficient or should they be extended further? Is AI a partner or a competitor for humans? And will we ever see a super-smart 'Skynet' that could threaten humanity?

Are you ready?

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